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Back-to-School Savings for Basis Necessities

Preparing for the new school term can be an exciting but financially challenging time for many families. To alleviate some of the financial burden, it’s important to create a well-structured saving plan. This plan aims to help you budget and save effectively for back-to-school essentials while ensuring that your children have everything they need to succeed academically.

Most times, the cost of back-to-school expenses can place a significant burden on families, particularly those with limited financial resources. Establishing a savings plan can help ease the burden by pooling resources, fostering community support, and ensuring that every child has access to the essential items they need for school. This program aims to empower the community to save collectively and provide financial assistance for back-to-school expenses.

Below are the ways, you can save money for your child’s back to school with Reaprite:-


1. Join the LagosMums Community Savings Group:

Interested community members and parents who are interested committed to supporting each other in meeting their children’s back-to-school needs. Form a savings group that will function as a cooperative effort to save money collectively.

2. Define your Savings Goals:

Determine how much money needs to be saved for back-to-school expenses. Taking into account the number of children, the average cost of essential items, and any additional expenses that may arise.

3. Determine Contribution Structure:

So decide on a contribution structure that is realistic. This can be a weekly or monthly contribution, with each member contributing an agreed-upon amount.

4. Join others to start savings:

Join the LagosMums village savings group on Reap Village and start saving for your child(ren) school necessities for the next 3 months and watch your money grow with interest

Download the Reaprite app from Play Store or IOS now and Sign up with your details using your referral code of LagosMums An account number will be generated for you, ensure to credit your wallet with a minimum of N2000 or more

By joining a village savings program with Reaprite, you can easily budget and save money on back-to-school essentials to ensure that your child(ren) has access to essential school supplies. Through effective organization, transparent savings practices, and community involvement, this program can make a significant impact on educational opportunities and alleviate financial burdens. Working together, communities can empower families and create a supportive environment for children’s educational success.

Back-to-School Tips

Remember to start early, research prices, shop smart, and involve your child in the process. It is important to have careful planning and financial discipline, to enable you to provide your child with everything they need for a successful academic year while staying within your budget.

Hit your target for the next session by joining Kemi at LagosMums and using their Reap village.

Sign up here – to start saving for your back-to-school needs

Visit the Reaprite website to learn more, you can also follow them on social media


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