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Money Woman

Being A Money Woman

The month of March is a month dedicated to celebrating women all over the world. We at Reaprite are not left behind as we celebrate women who are making extraordinary strides in their finances. This type of woman is who we refer to, as Money Woman. 

Who is a money woman?

A money woman is a woman who is intentional about her finances, taking well-calculated steps towards improving them, and doesn’t accept less than what she deserves financially.

Imagine being born with little or no privileges, and you strive to “make it” financially. It takes a lot of work, coupled with determination. This is the story of millions of women around the world being celebrated this month. 

To be a Money Woman, do these.
  • Take responsibility for your finances. The truth is, your finances are your business and until you take full responsibility, it won’t improve.
  • Have a goal. Create short-term and long-term financial goals and make them SMART.
  • Start saving towards that goal.
  • Create multiple streams of income.
  • Don’t give up. The journey to financial freedom is a marathon and not a sprint. 
How Reapquick is helping Nigerian women become Money Women

Reapquick is one of Reaprite’s plans, designed to accommodate everyone interested in starting a savings account. What are your short-term financial goals? You might want to save up for a new side business, for next year’s shop or house rent, for your school fees, or even for business expansion.

With Reapquick, you earn up to 12% interest per annum on your savings. The good news is, you can start your journey towards financial freedom today with just 500 naira.

Reapquick joins you in your journey to becoming a Money Woman, step by step. 

How to create a Reapquick account.

1: Download & sign up on Reaprite app

2: Create a Reapquick account and set your target capital. 

3: Fund your plan using a debit card or from your wallet. 

Then watch your capital grow at a 12% interest rate per annum

In conclusion, being a money woman is not about being born into wealth or having a natural talent for financial planning. It is about facing your fears, educating yourself, and taking control of your finances. Anyone can become a money woman with the right mindset and a willingness to learn. Want to start? Click here to signup with Reaprite and create a Reapquick account today.

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