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Dollar Cost Averaging with Reaprite

Dollar-cost averaging with Reaprite

Dollar-cost averaging, also known as DCA for short, is an investment term used to describe a strategy where one continues to invest money consistently rather than invest a large sum at once.

With Dollar cost averaging you invest your money in equal portions, at regular intervals regardless of the ups and downs of the market.

Why is dollar-cost averaging important?

It helps you get rid of emotions, helping you invest roughly the same amount regardless of the market situation

It helps you reduce your risk and preserves your capital incase of a market crash

It allows for disciplined savings

How does Dollar cost averaging with reaprite works?

At Reaprite we can help you DCA. You can customize/schedule your saving plan on a personal target to hit your goals whatever it may be. Personal projects, travels, bills, study fees etc.

We’ve also got the road to December plan guaranteed to help you save your way to a fantastic holiday season at 20% p.a. interest

The Reapquick Short term savings plan at 12 – 12.5% p.a that allows you save with as low as N500

The Reapplus savings plan at 12.5 – 14% p.a for 6,9 or 12 months durations allows you save with a minimum of N100,000

And lastly, the Reapmax saving plan with a minimum of N1,000,000 at 14 – 16% p.a for 9 or 12 months duration.

Dollar cost averaging with Reaprite made easy.


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