Money mistakes

Don’t Make These Money Mistakes

We’ve all suffered some sort of financial setback at some point due to some money mistakes we’ve made. People normally make these mistakes when they lack the right information. Luckily, you won’t be one of them because you’re part of the Reaprite family.

Here are four (4) simple money mistakes and ways you can avoid them.

  • Having zero emergency funds

It is unwise to spend all your money and not set aside anything for emergencies. Why does it seem like life keeps throwing emergencies your way when you don’t have any funds? Not saving money for emergencies is a proven mistake—even Covid confirmed that. Start an emergency fund today!

  • Spending to impress

Your lifestyle has a significant impact on how much risk your money is exposed to. When your income rises, you may have the urge to spend and live your best life. However, spending all your money on wants instead of needs is a red flag. You must also never spend money you’re expecting to get or that isn’t yet available to you because that is a sure way to end up in serious financial trouble.

  • Not having clear financial goals

With the money you have at your disposal, you should have clear financial goals and aspirations. Else you may start spending that money without seeing tangible results and end up believing that your “village people” have tampered with your finances.

  • Depending on a single source of income

Having a decent wage or good pay is a strong position, but having just one source of income can be costly. Your single income is still vulnerable, regardless of how fantastic it is. You should consider investing and saving with a trusted financial partner like Reaprite where your funds will accrue interest until you find trusted investments options .

Acknowledging your money mistakes and finding ways to guide your spending while maximizing your money inflow is vital to achieving your life goals and putting you on a sustainable path.


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