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Five questions to ask yourself before December. 

One of the best things to do as December approaches is to evaluate yourself in the vital areas of your life. While things may not have panned out exactly the way you expected especially in your finances, realising certain things would ease off some of the stress you feel. To appreciate your journey properly, here are five parameters you can measure yourself with:

Did I keep up with my bills?

A lot of young people constantly feel ashamed about their financial status. They feel they’re broke because they can’t afford certain things older people or even their contemporaries enjoy. You must realise that as long as you’re able to take care of your essential bills like rent, transportation, food and others, you’re a responsible adult. Don’t let anyone broke-shame you because you can’t yet afford certain things that aren’t essential. Life is in stages.

Did I live within my means?

This is closely related to the first question. Many people end up borrowing because they spend way above what they earn. However, if you took a loan for a venture that has the capacity to repay back by itself, you shouldn’t be ashamed. It is fulfilling to realise you kept your regular expenses below your income, through any practical step like we shared here.

Did I grow my savings?

The result of doing the first two is that they should allow you to save money. How often you save is as important or even more than how much you save. Little consistent drops, they say, make an ocean. So, if you’ve been able to grow your money with a high yield savings plan like one of these, you’ve done well for yourself. Now is a good time to start if you’re yet to.

Did I exchange real value for money?

The legitimate means of making money is by meeting other people’s needs, whether as an entrepreneur or employee. It doesn’t matter how much you’re making; what matters is that you’re proud of yourself and have nothing to hide from the law. Whatever you’re doing now will definitely grow as long as you stay consistent and keep giving your best.

Did I commit to personal development?

Biological growth is natural to every living thing, humans, animals and plants alike. However, human beings are the only ones that can experience development through deliberate steps that they take. Over the past months, how much have you invested in your personal and career development from January to December? How many books have you read? How many podcasts have you listened to? How many conferences/seminars have you attended? 

These are some vital questions you should ask yourself as we look forward to December. Rather than focus on what may not have worked out as expected, choose to celebrate the progress you’ve made in these areas highlighted.   


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