Four Ways Erima Stays Afloat Despite The Sinking Economy

I was just scrolling on Twitter the other day when I bumped into a Twitter space conversation that had more than a thousand listeners! Usually, most spaces I usually saw that had that large audience would either be about entertainment, popular gists, sports, or any of those things. Even the host wasn’t even a popular figure. Upon a closer look, the reason was obvious; the topic was “ How To Beat Sapa” (‘sapa’ means financial inadequacy in Nigerian street lingua).

The host had given random listeners an opportunity to share some tips they use in staying afloat in a sinking economy. So, I was fortunate to join just when Erima was sharing her opinions. She made so much sense that nobody interrupted her for more than ten minutes. These are the points she emphasized:

Make yourself valuable: Staying afloat in a sinking economy also requires that one is constantly increasing their own worth as an individual. People who have skills that are in high demand are always in high demand themselves, so they increase their own chances of earning more money. 

Manage and plan your income/finances: You really can’t eat your cake and have it. There’s a common saying that money is always eager to work for those who are ready to employ it. Habits such as drawing up a budget to control your spending and having a consistent saving plan will always be helpful.

Maximize legitimate opportunities: This requires being open and alert to make extra income through means that wouldn’t land you in trouble or make you cheat other people. It’s 2022 – there are several ways online and offline to make your money work for you even as you continue to work for money.

Buy in bulk to save money: This would seem like a no brainer, but when she explained how that helped her finances, I couldn’t agree more. According to moneytalks massive ways to save money buying things in pieces makes you spend more in the long run than buying them in bulk.  It is also important to use store perks and discount offers.


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