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How Jude Started His Saving Journey On The Reapvillage

Jude Okeke didn’t think twice to join the scheme since Mike, his close friend had introduced him to a saving scheme where they all had to save N50,000 monthly with an agreement to share it in December. Until now, he didn’t even have a regular savings culture so this helped him to adjust.

This August so far, he already saved N400,000 which alone was enough motivation to him keep going. He was already drawing his budget towards the end of the year, particularly how his December was going to be detty.

Imagine his shock when Mike, his friend, came to break the news that Tunde was nowhere to be found. Tunde had been in charge of the funds contributed by the team, being an accountant with a new generation bank. He immediately called his number too, but it wasn’t available. This was when he realized he had been scammed. How could he be so gullible? Could this be a joke? Why didn’t he choose the Reapvillage that his colleague had told him about? He didn’t even know he was thinking out loud; he thought his friend had left. “What’s Reapvillage?” Mike interrupted him. “It’s a group savings platform by Reaprite. My colleague told me about it, but I felt yours would be preferrable since you know these people.”

On Reapvillage, an individual (the king), creates the village and invites members (kinsmen) with a similar goal to save with them, with each member earning 12% interest pa. The goal could be to save towards a vacation, the purchase of a new car, a house, anything at all.

Here is how to create a village:

Download and sign up on the Reaprite app

On the home page, click on explore villages

Then click on explore

Fill out your purpose for saving

Enter an amount you are targeting to save

Enter a start and an end date (Minimum duration cannot be less than 2 weeks)

Then proceed to a create village

What’s more? As the king of the village, you earn a bonus commission of 5% on all interests earned by your kinsmen.

Kinsmen who breach the agreed savings duration will lose out on all interest accumulated over the period, however, they will have complete access to their savings capital at any point.

“If only you’d told me about it earlier, we wouldn’t have been in this mess,” Jude said in his tears.
To avoid stories that touch like this one, download the Reaprite app now to start saving on Reapvillage with your cliques.


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