How to be street smart…so you can save extra money.

If you live in an urban area, it can be hard to save as everyone seems to be longing after your pocket. In shops, any small thing, “savings or current?”, on the streets vendors yell, “oga check this one, na your size.” 

While you can’t escape it, there are certain lifestyle habits you can imbibe to cut out needless expenses. Here are some surefire ways you can be streetwise financially: 

Always ask where you can get what: 

Your friends/colleagues know where they sell anything you want to buy. They will save you the stress of having to walk needlessly around. You just go straight where to get what you want.

Get an idea of the price ahead: 

You stand a good chance of being ‘scammed’ if you proceed to the market without knowing the price range of what you want. Having that info also helps your bargaining power, even if things change.

Don’t look too expensive: 

There’s nothing bad in looking like a rich man or boss lady, but not at this moment. These vendors tend to charge you more when you look like Dangote. Not that you should dress like a pauper though, but you can tone it down till your next ‘owambe’ (party).

Learn to bargain: 

The fact is, they won’t kill you, especially when there’s no price tag on the product. Even if there is, you just might be lucky enough to get a discount. Who knows, it could be the vendor’s birthday, or they are just in a mood for giveaway. This is a skill our Nigerian parents have so much.

Speak a local language: 

You can always speak your Queen’s English at work and everywhere else. But once you get to the market, speaking the vendor’s local dialect (if you can) or pidgin English will instantly turn you to an acquaintance they might want to give a good deal.

Show them respect: 

As they are calling you madam, you too call them ‘oga’ (boss) in return. Let them know you’re not here as a Chairman or CEO. They will be more favorably disposed to you once they see you’re not giving off any big man/woman vibes. Of course you are big, but hide it for now.



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