How to find the ‘Road to December’ plan on the app

Now that you’ve successfully signed up for the road to December savings promo savings plan, you’re probably asking: how do I track my savings? Can I top it up?

We will answer your questions with the following steps:

Tap the ‘Portfolio Icon’:  You’ll find that at the base of your device screen, right next to the ‘Home’ icon. 

Click on Savings: You will see a number of options drop down, then select ‘Special Plans’.

Then click ‘Road to December’: This is the only special plan we have running now, so you will see your savings here, the interest pool and other details.

Top up your savings: To add to your savings even while running, tap ‘Quick Top Up’, enter the amount and click ‘Proceed’. 

That’s it. Keep saving towards a fantastic December!

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