Prepare for detty December

How Best To Prepare For A “Detty December” On A Budget

The Christmas and new year celebrations usually leave people in bad shape with their personal finances. Most people burn their long term savings in just a few days, and some begin to borrow to get by in January. If you must maximize your finances  this period, here are some tips to follow inorder to prepare for a Detty December on a budget.

  • Budget your spendings

Don’t just go out and spend this season without a budget. Here’s why; your cash will never be enough for all the cruise you and your friends will want to catch. However, with a budget, you know when to withdraw from spending so you won’t burn all your cash.

  • Decide which events you want to attend

If you have a budget, you need to choose what you’re spending your money on. Of course, there will be so many events happening this December, and  it’s impossible to to attend all of them. All you need to do is select your favorites and check the ticket prices for events that need that. 

  • Make a shopping list and stick to it

Create a list of things you need for the celebrations. Ensure you list the needs. Also, plan for the gifts you will get your loved ones. Christmas is a period of sharing love and gifts, but don’t go overboard your budget while gifting your loved ones. Most importantly, when you make this shopping list, stick to it..

  • Buy event tickets on time

After deciding the events you will attend, find out the ones that require tickets, then buy those tickets on time. Early birds get the best worm. This means that when you take action early, you can be advantaged. Most events offer discounts to people who purchase their tickets on time. Don’t let procrastination make you spend more than necessary. 

  • Have a cash reserve

While making your detty december budget, have backup cash that remains untouched, come what may. You will have peace of mind, knowing fully well that you have back up cash. Remember, January is a long month, and most people complain of lack of money then. Imagine not complaining with them, because you have enough cash in reserve that you can spend. At that point, you will thank yourself for taking this step. Don’t make the money mistake of not having a cash reserve!

  • Make sure your cash reserve grows

It’s not enough to have a cash reserve. Make sure you save it on a platform where it grows and makes more money for you. With the Reaprite app, you are sure that your savings grow. You can earn up to 16% interest per annum on your savings. Want to grow your savings? Go to Play Store or Apple Store, download the app and start


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