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26 February, 2024
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How To Send Money On The Reaprite App

As Nigeria moves towards becoming a cashless society, it is crucial for finance industry stakeholders to provide seamless financial solutions, particularly in the area of sending money to Nigerians. Unfortunately, many people still find it challenging to send money online.

We are thrilled to announce that you can now send money to any bank account with just a few taps on your phone screen.

To get started, simply follow the steps below to ensure your account is properly verified:

1. Log in to your Reaprite app with your password.

2. Look out for the pop-up and tap ‘update’. This will automatically update the app or launch your app or play store.

3. Click on the wallet, then tap “Send money,” and a message will pop up prompting you to verify your identity to activate the ‘send money’ feature. Go ahead and select ‘activate’.

4. Upload a valid means of identification, such as your NIN slip, Voter’s card, Driver’s license, or international passport, under ‘Identity verification’.

5. Take a selfie under face verification and click submit.

6. Receive a congratulatory message stating that it will take 24 – 48hrs for your verification to be processed.

7. Within this time frame, your details will be vetted and verified.

8. And voila! You’re now fully set to perform countless transfers.

Get ready to experience the ultimate convenience of hassle-free banking with Reaprite!


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