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How we celebrated customer service week 2022

We joined the world last week to celebrate customer service and the people who provide it. The aim was to boost the morale and teamwork of our staff by recognising their significant work. The theme for this year was ‘Celebrate service’, according to

The week was memorable for us at Reaprite, as we had a number of interesting activities:

1. We reached out to our customers

We sent a personalized email to each of our customers to appreciate them for their patronage and loyalty. You surely want to join our email list to also receive such exciting news and details from us. 

2. We made our customer service staff feel special

Yes, they deserved it. So, while every member of staff was acknowledged for their invaluable work, our customer service guys were specially celebrated with gifts. 

3. We glammed up our office for the occasion

You can catch all the beautiful sights on our Instagram page. We brightened up our work station with balloons, posters, banners and the likes. 

4. We had a mini office party

To crown the week, we spent the Friday afternoon in a mood of relaxation and unwinding. There was food, games and music to lighten up the atmosphere. All our staff, from the management to operations, had the opportunity to bond and connect on a greater level as we shared moments of laughter and friendship.


The week was wrapped up with another special email from the Managing Director, Tunde Saliu, who expressed his gratitude to our customers and reassured them of continued customer satisfaction in using our savings plans.


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