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How To Identify Your Money Personality

When you understand who you are, life becomes easier. The very first step towards financial freedom and in forming your strategy for spending, saving, and investing is recognizing your own money personality. 

There are five (5) main money personalities that affect how one behaves with regard to money. The trick is to identify the personality type that most accurately reflects your behaviour. These profiles are;


Savers may have expensive desires, but they always worry about the future. Regardless of how well or poorly their current position may be, they believe their actions today are a strong determinant of their tomorrow.

Outsiders frequently assume that savers are immune to luxury and the good life, but in reality, they are not influenced by the flashy life or the urge to follow the current fashions. In all of their endeavours, they value simplicity, functionality, and effectiveness. If you didn’t know any better, you might mistakenly think of them as frugal or cheap due to their penchant for saving money.

Heavy Spenders

Heavy spenders have charming qualities and are considered a strong root of every gathering or event. These “spending” personality types have a healthy mix of friends and foes. They always stay up to date on the latest technology and fashion trends and rarely haggle when shopping. They rarely settle for anything less than the best, be it a stunning home, a brand-new car, a night out at the club, or some iconic brand clothing or perfume. One might almost say that they live to impress and never appear to run out of money.


Shoppers frequently experience a strong sense of satisfaction from their purchases. They are unable to resist buying things, even when they are unnecessary.. 

They are known for hopping on sales and purchasing the newest, most interesting items on the shelf. Most people with shoppers’ personalities are usually aware of their addiction to shopping. They consider it a stress reliever and often don’t worry about accruing debt.


These money personalities never seem to have enough. Investing is almost like a fairy tale for them because their account is constantly in the red. Even when their income don’t necessitate borrowing, they rarely have enough to support their way of life.

Simply put, they don’t give their finances much thought, and as a result, don’t keep track of their expenditures. Sometimes it might be due to low earnings or very expensive lifestyles.

Which money personality do have currently? Which would you like to have? If you care about your personal finances, you need to embrace the investor and saving personality. Be less of the shopper and debtor persona. There is no doubt that our earnings greatly influence our personality. However, using the Reaprite app to save and earn interests can help inprove your financial capacity.


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