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26 February, 2024
Manage personal finance

How To Best Manage Your Personal Finance In 2023

The new year is just a few days gone, and lots of people have made several plans towards making it the best year. A plan to manage your personal finance should be topmost in your plans this year.

Here below are some best ways to properly manage your personal finance this year.

  • Start early in 2023

As soon as you earn your first income this year, you should make it a habit to save it for a higher return. It is essential that you begin saving and investing early so that you can take full advantage of compound interest, which can multiply your returns exponentially over time.

  • Avoid taking uninformed decisions

There are lots of “experts” out there giving financial advice. On social media, there are many unsolicited pieces of advice from perceived gurus. As the year just started, there will be even more people offering tips on finance, how to increase your financial capacity, businesses that you can venture into this year, etc. 

Before you decide to take any decision regarding your money this year, it is important to be properly informed. Only take the advice of experts who have a track record. Do not jump into decisions hastily. When it comes to your finances this year, always look before you leap.

Make 20203 your best year financially

  • Create sources for future income

The truth is, you won’t be young forever. There will definitely be a time you won’t have to continue working. In order to ensure adequate finances to meet your post-retirement expenses, you must either go for a pension plan to create a fixed income source in the future or make investments to earn returns that will beat inflation and also help accumulate wealth.

  • Monitor discretionary expenses

This year, know how to classify your expenses into essential and non-essential. Sometimes, you might want to spend on expensive items; however, it is necessary to plan these expenses systematically. Ask yourself whether you really need those items. If yes, set aside a pool every month to ensure you can make this purchase without a negative impact on your finances. It is one thing to make the money, and another to keep it. The major activity that results in the creation of wealth is keeping it.

  • Remember to factor in inflation

The capital value of your money lessens over time. Therefore, your savings or investments must grow faster than inflation if you are to meet your financial objectives. As time passes, your financial needs will evolve. This essentially calls for in-depth and sound planning. This is why it is advisable to create certain cut-offs for expenditures and a minimum monthly saving threshold that can help you tackle inflation.

In conclusion, do not set your financial goals in January and forget them for the rest of the year. You must revisit your goals regularly. Also, be sure to save in a platform that guarantees a high-interest rate on savings. With Reaprite, you can gain up to 16% interest per annum on your savings. Click here to register and start growing your money.



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