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16 September, 2023

Reaprite Emerges ‘Africa’s Best Savings Platform 2023’

Reaprite, a rapid emerging savings platform based in Lagos, Nigeria, that combines the security of high interest savings with the convenience of digital financial innovation has achieved an exceptional honour as “Africa’s Best Savings Platform 2023” at the 4th Africa Financial Technology Congress (AFTC) held at the Sheraton, Ikeja, Lagos.

Celebrating Fintech Excellence

The Africa Fintech Brands Innovation Awards held by AFTC, The Leading Fintech Event aimed to foster enhanced collaboration among vital industry players, as fintech’s potential to unleash unprecedented economic prowess in Africa becomes increasingly evident. The occasion saw numerous deserving Fintech enterprises granted the prestigious SuperFintech Brand Status Certificate alongside a distinguished Golden Award Plaque adorned with The African Brands’ seal.

Amongst other nominees, Reaprite was hailed as the unequivocal “Africa’s Best Savings Platform 2023.” Present at the event to officially receive this celebrated accolade were Reaprite’s formidable representatives: Managing Director, Tunde Saliu, and the Product Marketing Manager, Stella Uche.

At the event, Tunde Saliu briefly spoke emphasizing Reaprite’s mission which is to provide a seamless, secure, and user-centric savings platform that empowers people to achieve their financial goals. He also noted that the recognition would motivate the Reaprite team to reach greater heights, innovate further, and bring more value to your financial journey.

Having etched an indelible mark on the Fintech landscape for over the years, Reaprite stands poised at the precipice of excellence, ready to ascend even loftier peaks as we march forward towards a brighter future.

Our profound gratitude goes to the dedicated organizers and sponsors of AFTC 2023. Additionally, we express heartfelt appreciation to every smart saver who has been with us on this incredible journey.


Reaprite remains dedicated to its goal of bringing Africans closer to financial freedom by empowering Africans to make the best decisions with their money and live better lives.

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