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Referral Bonus Currently on Hold

Our Referral Bonus is Currently on Hold

Our refer and earn program was initiated to encourage users to earn while referring friends and family, therefore creating a form of income for many. This program was operational since the Reaprite App was launched, therefore leading to a mutually beneficial relationship with our users. 

Why we are pausing the referral bonuses?

Recently, we noticed an influx of suspicious signups. These accounts were created in numbers by opportunists who latched on to the refer-and-earn program to make undue gains for themselves. With the help of our system verification and authentication process,  we’ve been able to flag some of the opportunists and withhold their bonuses but they decided to taint our good reputation by giving us bad reviews on our social media platforms as well as on Playstore and Appstore. The high influx of these individuals generated a backlog that would require gradual resolution to properly serve genuine users like you. Hence, the decision to halt all referral bonuses effective today to aid the team focus on clearing the backlog and improving the system for seamless operations.

What happens to your already accrued referral bonuses?

There is no cause for alarm. All payments of accrued referral bonuses will be made to ensure that our credible users get paid their referral bonuses. However, this payment will be made gradually over the next few weeks.

Should you still continue referring?

Yes! The system will continue logging and accumulating your bonus till we open the scheme for credible users to begin the improved referral bonus redeeming process. 

We ask that you bear with us, as we continue to stand on our resolve to serve you better.


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