Saving for wedding

How To Save For Your Dream Wedding

Saving for your dream wedding is an idea lots of people don’t fancy. However, if you want a big wedding, you have to plan for it.

Here is Tolu’s story.

Tolu had found the love of his life, Moyo, and made up his mind to settle down with her. She accepted and then they proceeded to plan their wedding which was to happen three months after.

Moyo told Tolu that she didn’t have so much in her savings, she wouldn’t mind a small wedding, Tolu agreed and said he also had little and wouldn’t want to spend everything on their wedding because there’s life and family to build after the wedding, they were happy to be on the same page.

Moyo informed her parents and they reluctantly agreed to their decision. Tolu informed his mother as his dad was late but his mom outrightly didn’t agree, she worried about what people would say, even though she wasn’t going to contribute up to 1% of the wedding cost. She told Tolu that he should ask some people to sponsor their wedding. Tolu then told his mom that he would do something about it.

Moyo heard about the conversation and wasn’t happy knowing all the stress they would have to go through organizing a wedding above their budget and asking people for money, after all, those people didn’t send them to marry. Mind you, both Tolu and Moyo are the first children. At the end of the day, they settled for a wedding of a little over 100 people in Lekki. It took a lot of begging for money, and some people ‘low key’ replied with insults, but all these could have been avoided.

How to be financially independent in a relationship

Saving for your dream wedding will definitely save you a lot of stress, even if you’re single at the moment. When planning your wedding, you need to have a good conversation with your partner about financing the wedding, and understand how much you are willing to spend and what your budget can afford. It’s not a time to overshoot your budget and resort to selling over-priced aso ebi, or taxing family, friends, colleagues, or bosses to contribute to your wedding. Understand that getting married was your decision and that of your partner, and yours alone.

How do you start?
Start a Reapgoal savings plan for your wedding with Reaprite.

This yields interest, instead of having your savings deducted in traditional banks. You can decide to lock it up until you are ready to start spending. Even as a single guy or lady, you can set up this plan and start saving something even if you’ve not met your partner. Click here to set up your plan.

Reduce expenses in order to save more

Make some short-term lifestyle changes to take the financial pressure off your wedding expenses. Taking a closer look at your spending habits and seeing what you can reduce can help you build a disciplined approach to both spending and saving.

Agree with your partner

Come to an agreement with your partner on what is most important to you both for your wedding day. Also, decide if there are any areas on which you are both willing to compromise. For example, if budget is your concern, you can opt for your desired location if you have a smaller number of guests attending, or purchase the dress of your dreams while still having a budget-friendly honeymoon.

Lastly, have a spreadsheet to enable you to keep track of your wedding money. You need to account for every dime spent. It’s also important to have only trusted people picking the money during the wedding. Yes, because you also need to ensure you recoup some of the money spent. On a lighter note, please ensure to dance well when visitors spray you money. People are giving you their hard-earned money, the least you can do is at least dance and be happy.


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