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26 February, 2024

Saving on the Reaprite App has helped me achieve both personal and business goals

Chioma is an outstanding young lady who has exemplified this in her quest to make something of her passion for her business.

Chioma heard about Reaprite for the first time in 2019 and ever since she has been an unwavering user of the Reaprite App.

She shared her story with Reaprite in a recent one-on-one chat.

Tell us about yourself

My name is Chioma Ella, I am a fashion designer at Ella blazing couture, I reside in Lagos and I love to make beautiful dresses just like the one I am wearing.

What do you currently spend the most money on?

I like shoes, I spend most of my money buying footwear, and I also spend a major part of my money buying tools for my work.

What is the most expensive item you ever bought?

That should be buying a generator for my work.

How did you find out about Reaprite and how long have you been using it?

The best thing my friend did for me was introducing Reaprite to me and I really love Reaprite. I have been using Reaprite for 2 years and I have no regret.

What was your experience with saving like before Reaprite?

My experience with savings before now.. i am actually the kind of person that loves to save. I usually will save my money with ‘Kolo’ I don’t mind putting my 10 Naira into it daily. I have never lost money to any Ajo group. My experience with reaprite so far, I’m loving it.

So far what has Reaprite helped you achieve?

Reaprite has helped me achieve a lot. I was able to get a generator for my business saving with Reaprite. I use the reap village feature on the app to save up for my generator

What is your best Reaprite feature and why?

The wallet. I love to see my money and I can actually take out my money at anytime with the accrued interest. I like my money being my wallet. That the best feature for me

We understand you recently got married, has this affected your money habit in anyway?

Being new married affected my savings habit but not in a bad way but in a good way because now i have to plan my spending unlike when I was single. Being married made me more cautious of my spending

As a fashion designer what challenges have you faced and how did you resolve it?

The only challenge I have with my business now is money, money to upgrade my skill and get a big shop for my work.

One money lesson you think everyone should know?

To change your mindset about money, irrespective of how much you have, invest. as much as you spend money, try and save and invest money

What would you tell someone who is considering using Reaprite?

I have never regretted saving with the Reaprite App so why would I want to convince you otherwise. Go ahead and use Reaprite. You are making the right choice. Choose Reaprite.

Any suggestions for the Reaprite team?

I will like to say thumbs up to everyone working with Reaprite. You all are doing a good job. Thank you for having me.


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