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Time-Out With A Smart Saver: Anita

Hey😀! Welcome to the Smart Saver Series Let’s meet you. What’s your full name?

What do you do for a living?

That’s interesting 😉. How long have you been doing your business?

How did you find out about Reaprite?

How long have you been using Reaprite?

What do you currently spend most of your money on?🙂

Would you rather save money or spend money?🙃

What is your best Reaprite feature?😎

What would you do if you woke up to a credit alert of 100 million naira?🤑

What is the best ‘money’ decision you have made in life?

One money lesson you think everyone should know?🤓

What would you tell someone who’s considering using Reaprite?

Any suggestions for the Reaprite team?🤯

Thank you for your time, Anita 🤗. We look forward to seeing more of you.


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