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We Have A Big Fish Onboard (Reaprite X Kunle Remi)

Your Favorite Savings Platform Has Taken Off.


It’s been a time of new and exciting things, as a brand. We recently collaborated with Kunle Remi, the handsome and prolific actor with a large loyal fanbase. We are even revamping our web and app platforms for a better user experience, while also improving our products for a more inclusive financial experience for all customer segments. Reaprite is constantly looking for new innovations and collaborations, that will make smart savings a lot more fun and rewarding for you. 


This second quarter, we are more than eager to do big things with you, so we began sourcing for a brand ambassador with the right mix of vibes, whose values and lifestyle sync with our goal – making smart savers out of Nigerians. We considered a lot of your faves. That process, though fun, wasn’t so easy. We eventually went for this amazing gentleman, and are sure you love him.


A Meeting Like Get-Together.


The contract signing was like a reunion. We had wild laughter, took pictures, clinked glasses as we toasted to big’ fhingz’ to come, as Kunle Remi would say. We literally felt like family already.

There was an agreement on both sides that although there was a growing saving culture among Nigerians, thanks to technology, more efforts still needed to be made to make the lifestyle a lot smarter for many more people.


The Brand Alignment and Resolution.


He couldn’t hide how thrilled he was to join a brand that is helping Nigerians fulfill their goals through smart saving plans. Boy, he was such a darling! From our conversations, it was clear we made a great choice! 


No long story, there is more to come. It’s a fresh turn in the Nigerian fintech space! This brand partnership between Reaprite and Kunle Remi is focused on making smart savings more fun and rewarding for Nigerians. 


Now, let’s keep doing more saving “fhingz”.


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