What Saving Money Actually Looks Like

Truth be told, saving money isn’t all fun, especially when you’re just starting out. There’s a yearning to indulge yourself with maximum enjoyment and acquire every single thing that catches your fancy. This is your hard earned money anyway, and nobody should dictate how you spend it.

But then, you have to exercise some discipline, if you want to avoid getting into any financial mess every now and then. So, what practical steps can you take towards ensuring you have savings?


1. Eating dinner at home:

You can achieve this by stocking up your house with food supplies and provisions. One, you get to sharpen your cooking skills and be the friend everyone looks forward to eating their food. Then, you eat fresh and healthy food every time, without fear of any possible poisoning. Look at you!

2. Staying in a shared apartment:

Come on! Imagine how much you’re saving when you split the rent with someone else. Whether in Lagos, Abuja, London, Texas or any other city where landlords seem to be solely after your bank account, what a relief to know you’re not the only one footing everything! 

3. Getting health insurance:

You just need to go to a hospital and see how much it takes to get their services there. Whether it’s to do a simple test or consult an expert, you have to part with a chunk of money. This is why it’s a smart move to key into any HMO (Health Management Organization) plan you have access to. With a token that you pay every month, you get to enjoy comprehensive healthcare covered by your HMO.

4. Using a night plan for heavy downloads:

We know it’s not very expensive, but when you add up all you spend on data every week or month, it comes to quite a sum of money. So, why not delay your larger downloads till night time when most network providers run free or promo plans? One of the sure ways of saving money. 

5. Buying groceries in bulk:

Have you noticed you eventually spend more when you buy household stuff in bits and pieces? Be it your toiletries, groceries or what have you, it’s way smarter to buy in bulk for the next few weeks at once, rather than binge spending on single items every other day.


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