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Which Money Animal Are You?

Ever thought about how animals react toward saving, investing, and other financial decisions? Money animal refers to the ways different animals behave concerning financial decision-making.

Understanding how animals behave can be crucial in knowing who you are and why you behave in certain ways towards finance, as well as how you can improve your financial behaviour.

Here are a few money animals and what they represent:


This is your money animal if setting aside money for emergencies is something you do naturally well. The squirrel enjoys storing as many nuts as possible during the fall in anticipation of the challenging winter season, which is considered to be a tumultuous season. If your interests match with saving for a rainy day, the squirrel is your money animal because they stockpile in numerous places and to the greatest extent feasible.


This animal of wealth is a symbol of good fortune and superior returns on investments. If maintaining financial stability is your strong suit, you typically succeed when taking unanticipated risks. The Bat, while being blind, makes use of his blindness to its advantage by absorbing sonic vibrations, seizing opportunities without hesitation. This implies that despite being frequently deceived into dishonest ventures, you always succeed in financial situations that are viewed as a gamble by following your instincts.


You have discovered your money animal in a bull if you feel powerful when you have money on hand and become visibly frustrated when you run out of money especially if your investments are performing poorly or stalling. The roaring bull is aggressive when things go its way and is constantly seeking to conquer new grounds. The bull is unrelenting and puts his money into every possible investment, even if he is aware of the risk. You have a lot of compassion for other people, but you have no tolerance for foolishness or poor financial judgment.


You are a goal-getter who never lets opportunities just fall into your lap. You fight for what is rightfully yours and constantly believe that you are entitled to more. Despite having enough money to cover your immediate requirements, you never have enough. Although you have the ability to save, you are constantly unhappy in your job because you feel that you deserve better benefits or more pay. Thus you never stop being hungry.


You enjoy earning your money, you don’t value free money, and you love to feel in control of your finances. As a result, you love to save to keep a close eye on your funds and are aware of your financial situation at all times. Despite the fact that you dislike change, you are constantly looking for new ways to make money.


Your main source of freedom and adventure is money. You enjoy gambling with your money and making huge leaps of faith. Wealthy or not, you never flaunt it yet people always know when you have money. Although you occasionally don’t spend your money wisely, you always accumulate more and your pocket hardly runs dry.


You are aware of your financial situation and put all your effort to look for ways to help you reach new financial goals. You are always aware that problems persist despite your efforts to solve them. This money animal hunts for ways to get financial favours while making every effort to avoid dealing with anything rigorous to make money on a regular basis.

All money animals are widely regarded as symbols of luck and wealth creation in various cultures. Connecting ourselves with our money animal is a gain as it helps us plan our finances properly. Start now to plan for your finance with Reaprite


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